Tracy Dacey
I had been a patient of the dentist Dr. Grace took over the practice from for over 30 years. I was nervous about switching but Dr Grace has been wonderful. She is very friendly and did an excellent, thorough, and gentle job on my annual cleaning.
Tab V.
I was very impressed with the friendliness, knowledge, and capability of this dental practice. The have very flexible hours perfect for working professionals. I broke a tooth and didn't have a dentist in the area. After calling a bunch of places, I called Dr. Gentuso's office. They were able to schedule me for a 12:15 pm appointment that day (they reserve some time for emergency appointments). The waiting room was modest but everyone there, including staff, were engaged in a friendly conversation. After filling out a few sheets of information and sitting for maybe 10 min, the doctor got me and broght me back to the exam room. He gave me a general overview of what would happen. Then, as he was creating a new quarter of my back molar, he explained every step of the procedure. He told me about potential future outcomes - what would necessitate a cap/crown. He also was familiar with my insurance's billing practices and enlightened me about the probable bills I would see after insurance paid its potion. It was very easy to get in to see a dentist immediately. I even made a future appointment for a cleaning at 6:15 pm. Their hours are so flexible for working professionals! This place was so good I recommended it to my roommate - and I have to live with those people.